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Windows 11 at Launch: You Don’t Need to Upgrade Yet

Back in 2015, the idea of Windows 11 seemed crazy. Windows 10 released that summer, and it certainly appeared that Microsoft was moving to an update-only approach. But six years later, Windows 11 is here with a fresh coat of paint that is sure to be divisive.

Windows 11 is an attempt at modernizing Windows for an era where more people work from home (or in a hybrid model). It’s one that aims to work across form factors, whether you’re on a touch-centric device or one that’s keyboard and mouse only. . It’s a design that hopes to capitalize on the resurgence of the PC as people purchase more of them to be productive wherever they are.

At this point, you’re likely one of five people:

  1. You’re in the Windows Insider program, and you’ve been using some form of Windows 11 for the past few months.
  2. You’ve seen the redesign, and have decided you’re staying on Windows 10 until you get a new device.
  3. Your hardware doesn’t qualify for Windows 11 anyway, so you’re staying on Windows 10 until you upgrade.
  4. You don’t mess with betas, and are eagerly waiting to update to Windows 11.
  5. You didn’t realize Windows 11 was coming. In which case, welcome! We have a lot to discuss.

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