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Windows 11 Build 22000.65 adds search to the start menu, bug fixes

Microsoft has just released the first major revision of its Windows 11 update, which is released as build 22000.65 (the first build is 22000.51). Most of the changes are fairly small bug fixes that you might not have noticed.There are also several bug fixes, including a patch PrintNightmare vulnerability.

in a Blog post When announcing the new version, Microsoft outlined nine improvements. These include:

  • Search box appears At the top of the start menu.
  • The taskbar appears On the secondary monitor.
  • Refresh option appears in the jump list When you right-click on the desktop. It was previously in the “Show more options” list.
  • New appearance of certain dialog boxes For example, “low battery” or “display changes”
  • New snapshot layout Used for portrait mode screens.
  • Options for solving sound problems When you right-click the volume icon.
  • Power mode setting On the power and battery settings menu.
  • Right click on the .ps1 file Provide “Run with PowerShell” option.
  • New GIF in the emoji panel in China.

The search box in the Start menu seems useful at first glance. However, based on our tests, it appears to be a fake search box where data cannot be entered. After you click it and start typing, Windows will only switch you to the Search menu. However, there are known issues with the search bar in the Start menu and taskbar, so these issues may be resolved in future updates and official releases.

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

The same problem occurs when you cross the “Search” icon on the taskbar. A small search box will appear on the flyover, and when you click on it, you will also go to the “Search” menu. We will see if this will persist in future updates.

Windows 11 search hover menu

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

Adding the refresh option (it just refreshes the desktop) to the jump list is a good step. However, we would rather see all options go back to the jump list instead of forcing you to click “show more options” to see all options.

The old jump list on the left. The new jump list on the right.

The jump list (right) and the original jump list (left) of Windows 11 Build 22000.65. (Image source: techy’s hardware)

In addition to these changes, Microsoft also lists many bug fixes. Issues fixed include:

  • patch PrintNightmare vulnerability.
  • The taskbar icon is not displayed after rotating the screen back and forth.
  • The date and time do not follow the format setting.
  • Comparison of the title bar of File Explorer
  • When you press the Windows key and type, the search deletes the first keystroke
  • Blurred window in ALT + Tab

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