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Windows 11 causes TPM shortage, scalping: here is where to buy


Windows 11 Is Microsoft’s first operating system that requires TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, Sending crazy potential upgraders to online retailers to find hardware modules. As users tried to obtain a TPM as soon as possible to ensure that their PCs were compatible with the new operating system, demand surged overnight, but the market was down. In some cases, TPM, which sells for $15 through eBay, is now as high as $100.

As you can see in the chart below, we delved into the TPM market to understand the immediate impact on price and availability after Windows 11 was released. We also have a guide that explains which modules are available for your motherboard.

The TPM market basically collapsed overnight, and almost all modules were completely out of stock. Some TPMs are still available, but their prices are much higher. Scalping has taken a dominant position, as we currently see in many other areas of the PC market. Continued chip shortages may make timely replenishment more like a dream rather than a reality, and we may see the long-term existence of TPM shortages.


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