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Windows 11 gets some UI adjustments through the latest Insider Preview version


Microsoft Released Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.100 yesterday provided the Dev channel members of the Windows Insider Program with adjustments to the taskbar, Microsoft Store and other user interface elements Windows 11.

The biggest change is the addition of one Chat Tools This makes it easier to send messages to people, view notifications, and interact with people who use Microsoft Teams. Microsoft said that the utility will not be immediately available to all testers, but has already begun to roll out to some of them.

Build 22000.100 also made a lot of adjustments to the taskbar.Microsoft said it updated the “hidden icon pop-up” to better match The design of Windows 11, The focus assist settings are easier to access through the notification center, and a more subtle indicator is introduced to display when a particular application requires your attention.

(Image source: Microsoft)

The company is also trying to make “navigation in our new Microsoft Store feel fast and fun,” it says, “some animations can help you keep track of what you browse.” These are part of Microsoft Wider effort Make its application distribution platform more attractive to Windows users than ever Windows 10.


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