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Windows 11 Preview Hands-On: Much Ado About Menus


It’s finally here! Microsoft has just released its first official Windows 11 preview build to Windows Insiders (the leaked build from a couple of weeks ago doesn’t count). I’m in the Dev ring of the Insider program via my laptop — a ThinkPad X1 Carbon with 8th Gen Core i7, 16GB and 512GB SSD that easily meets the system requirements— so I got the update today and have been using it for a couple of hours. 

So far, the UI looks and feels pretty much as shown during Microsoft’s Windows 11 launch event, though some of the most interesting new features aren’t present yet, namely Android app support and Microsoft Teams integration. The system seems to function competently, doing what it promises, though as a long-time WIndows 10 user, I found some of the UI changes jarring to my workflow as menus become less information dense. There are definite positives for power users — the snap features come to mind — but also a lot of areas where you seemingly have to click more to get to the functions you need. 

 Installing Windows 11


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