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Windows and Surface Boss Panos Panay join Microsoft’s senior leadership team

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer and head of Windows and Surface, has now become CEO Satya Nadella’s ears.According to a Report from Bloomberg On Wednesday night, Panay was promoted to executive vice president and joined the company’s senior leadership team to advise the CEO.

For Ben Nai, this is another big improvement, he Take over the Windows team in February 2020, Unify Microsoft’s operating system and equipment under one umbrella. Panay has been with the company for 17 years, responsible for leading devices such as the original Microsoft Surface and the latest Surface Duo.

Until recently, Microsoft made Windows its core business and focused on Azure and the cloud. Since former boss Terry Myerson left in 2018, the Windows area of ​​Microsoft’s business has not had a place in the senior leadership team.

Rajesh Jha was previously reported as the executive vice president of experience and equipment. He is already in the senior leadership team, but he is usually more closely associated with Office than with Windows. It is not clear whether this has had any impact on Jha’s status.

As Windows 11 At the time of the announcement and nearing the launch, both Nadella and Panay said that Windows is getting closer to the center of Microsoft’s business model, especially during the explosive growth of PCs during the pandemic.

Both Nadella and Panay have accumulated influence in the industry. Earlier this year, Nadella became the first person since Bill Gates to serve as both CEO and chairman of the board of directors of Microsoft, and Panay joined the board of audio company Sonos in 2020.

Windows 11 will be released later this year, which gives Panay’s team a chance to shine and possibly launch a series of new devices running Microsoft’s latest operating system. It will further advance many of Microsoft’s visions, including a more open system that allows certain Android applications to be distributed and provides developers with a way to bypass payment by using their own system.

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