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With the rise of Apple’s M1 Arm chip in PCs, AMD’s CPU market share and revenue have surged


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(Image source: techy’s hardware)
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AMD and Intel market share

(Image source: techy’s hardware)

This Mercury Research The CPU market share results will be announced in the second quarter of 2021. This indicates that AMD has lost its desktop share because it prioritizes the production of higher-margin SKUs and server and notebook chips, thereby increasing its overall revenue. Share.

We also learned some new information about Arm: Dean McCarron of Mercury Research also told us that thanks to the strong sales of Chromebooks and Apple’s Arm-powered M1 processors gaining traction, Arm-based CPUs continue to grow, he said, “Based on According to our estimates, if PC processors are included in the share calculation, ARM’s share of PC processors is about 7%, up from about 5% in the previous quarter, and less than 2% a year ago.”

There are also many changes in the x86 market. AMD’s production capacity is limited, so the company continues to focus on producing products with the highest profit margins, causing the company’s share of the desktop market to drop by 2.3 percentage points to a 17.1% share. However, as AMD shifts to producing higher-priced chips that can generate more profit, these regressions may not be as problematic as they seem. (We have a complete breakdown of each section at the end of the article).

AMD also clearly prioritized the production of its notebook computer chips, as it increased its share of the notebook computer division by 1.9 percentage points, even reaching 20%, regaining some of the markets it had lost in the previous quarters.

For AMD’s server business, the situation is even more optimistic. According to data from Mercury Research, both it and Intel’s unit growth exceeded 10% during the quarter. AMD gained a share (+0.6pp) during this period and reached a market share of 9.5%, setting a recent high.

However, as we will introduce in more depth in the following server breakthroughs, McCarron’s numbers include all types of servers, and some reports that narrow the competitive landscape (only those where AMD competes) claim that AMD has reached a server market share of this quarter 15% (Arm is 4%).

No matter how you measure the server market segment, AMD will continue to gain share, McCarron commented: “In addition, we believe that AMD has set a new record for server CPU units and revenue.”

Macallan Research

(Image source: McAllen Research)

The revenue share data in the report proves this-AMD continues to increase revenue as it shifts its production to chips with higher profit margins and uses its chip price to take advantage of higher performance than we have seen in the past.


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