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Zen 4 Madness: AMD EPYC Genoa with 96 cores, 12-channel DDR5 memory and AVX-512

recently Gigabyte hacking incident A week ago, the attackers stole 112GB of data from Gigabyte servers. This includes confidential documents of upcoming products and information shared under NDA and contracts.Today, according to a new ReportAfter the hacker posted the file online, information about the AMD EPYC processor (code-named Genoa) appeared. According to leaked information, these chips have 96 cores and support 12-channel DDR5 memory, which also marks the first time that AMD’s lineup supports AVX-512.

Gigabyte‚Äôs life is not easy: from Power RMA crash With the recent hacking incident, the situation has worsened. The attacker who stole 112GB of data from Gigabyte servers has released some information and some details about AMD’s upcoming EPYC Genoa CPU micro-architecture.

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